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ABRT® Training for Therapists: Get CEU's and Certification in Attachment Based Relationship Therapy«! 

Learn how our center can provide healing for trauma, including childhood trauma, situational trauma, and complex trauma.


Have unresolved past attachment issues and/or trauma which is affecting relationship health?  Learn how ABRT® can help. 

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Learn why children detach from parental influence and how to engage children in healthy bonding relationship.


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Welcome to Attachment Center Midwest!

Attachment Center Midwest exists to assist people to heal relationships and mend bonds within the family. Families in the midst of much dysfunction can find purpose in the relationships they recreate. Our goal as counselors is to create a supportive environment in which our clients can explore their emotional needs and overcome barriers that limit their full potential. We use a Christ-centered, Scripture based approach, meeting each individual where they are in life.  We offer compassion, support, coaching, and practical tools to help you achieve the goals you need.  With our unique specialty of Attachment Based Relationship Therapy®, we guide and coach families, children, and parents using fun, interactive and practical ways to achieve these goals.  For adults, Attachment Based Relationship Therapy® uses a narrative approach to facilitate healing from past trauma.  Explore our website, resources, and webinars or we would love for you to contact us for more information!